On a Sunday, I got out of a yoga class and looked at the bus schedule to see what time it would pick me up to take me the 2.5 miles home. There was a 30 minute wait. The next day, after another class, I had a 15 minute wait. What to do?

I chose to start walking with the aim to catch the bus along the way. Sunday, I got to my bus stop before the bus drove by. Monday, I was about a half mile from it when the bus drove by me. Picking up the bus was an option, but was it really worth it?

Both days I moved more than I could have. The option of waiting for the bus was there. I could have sat at a cafe, done some shopping, or maybe just planned my schedule better. Instead, I wandered around Boston, listened to a podcast that has been hanging out for a few months and walked a few miles. Plus, I got home earlier than I would have on Sunday and only about 5-7 minutes later on Monday. Overall, my body is happier.

Trying to add in movement seems like a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s about seizing moments throughout the day to take the stairs, stand, or walk instead of ride or drive.

A movement win. A body win. A life win.

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