Our spine is an important part of our body. While it protects the spinal cord and nerves, it also helps keep us upright. Yet, many of our daily activities are in front of our body and can increase the forces that pull us into a rounded hunchback position.

Here are 5 moves for a healthy back that help to support the natural curves of the spine while strengthening the supporting muscles of the core. Doing these moves daily, can help us improve our posture and reduce back pain.

Constructive Rest

Allow gravity to help loosen the muscles of the front of the body in a restorative pose. As this requires 5-10 minutes, it’s a great time for some breath work or a meditation.


A bridge helps to strengthen the glutes, which are one of the strongest muscle groups of the body to keep us standing tall. If you spend a lot of time sitting, you may have heard of sleepy butt syndrome. Let’s fix that!

Dead Bug

Strengthen the abdominal muscles while supporting a neutral spine. Slow and steady will give you far more benefits than moving fast.

Bird Dog

There are a lot of muscles along the spine to keep us upright. Bird Dog helps to strengthen them from head to toe.

Spinal Rotation

To prevent a hunchback, mid-back (thoracic) rotation is immensely beneficial.

Bonus: Free the Neck and Shoulders

If you find that your neck and upper shoulders are always tight, give this move a try. It may seem silly, but you’ll feel better!

Additional Postural Moves

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