In my 15+ years in fitness, I’ve seen a lot of people confused about what to do. Experts are always giving contradicting advice or there is some new food, workout, and supplement to try. Most people that I’ve worked with are already doing pretty much everything right, yet feel like they aren’t. There is more to achieve to get them to where they want to be. In reality, the system is creating the feelings of failure. I want to break that and challenge the wellness industry.

My offerings this year are focused on the belief that:

  • We can end the weight lose and gain cycle
  • We can find ways to eat to make us happy, energetic, and healthy
  • We can live with reduced and/or no aches and pains
  • We can save money and increase our free time

Join me in one of the Wellness Adventures this year. More will come, so make sure you are on my email list.


Full Body Roll Out

January 7, 2023

Oxford, MA


Making Your Health & Fitness Goals Stick

January 12, 2023



New Hampshire Retreats

Coming Soon!

Breath, Intuition, and Intentions


Groton, MA & Virtual



Wellness Journey Exploration

January 29 – March 6