Ease in Your Movements

Fewer Aches & Pains

More Body Awareness

Right now we are staying home, moving less, and sitting a lot more.

Some chronic tightness and/or nagging aches and pains have crept into your life.

Stretching will give you some relief, but the irritation keeps coming back.

You want to banish them forever to enjoy bliss in your body.

Our 7 Day Program will help you find Body Bliss

Stretching alone isn’t the answer. Muscles are designed to work and shorten. When they fully moving in all the ways they are meant to, they are happier and don’t nag us.

Every day you will receive 1 video with a move that can be completed in just a few minutes. Each one will help you stretch and strengthen a different part of the body. We will cover the common pain points: hips, shoulders, neck, back, and ankles.

“The shoulder exercises are already making a difference! I swam yesterday and my shoulder didn’t bother me at all.”

I’m Kate Hamm and I am fascinated by movement. It’s why I studied Exercise Science in college. In my 15+ years in fitness, I found that my favorite clients were puzzles. They were recovering from an injury or had a disability that made movement a challenge. Focusing on the quality of brain to body connection became much more important.

My clients felt better, were able to do things with less pain, and gained strength and flexibility. Now I am to help more people find Body Bliss.


“After that class, it was the first time I wasn’t in pain for an entire week.”

“I feel like I just had a hip replacement.”

7 Days of Body Bliss is Great For:

  • Athletes – Our moves are great for body awareness and recovery
  • Office Workers – Undo the desk to sit up taller
  • Anyone with a Body – Doesn’t your body deserve some bliss?

Take the first step toward Body Bliss

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With a commitment of 5-10 minutes a day, you can feel better in your body.

What are you waiting for?

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