You spend all day making sure your athletes get the most out of their workouts by carefully planning the WOD and challenging them. With only 4-6 hours seeing most athletes a week, what do they do outside of the box? How does that affect their performance?

My name is Kate Hamm, and like you, I am an athlete and my body is my job. I’ve been spending years releasing tight muscles from my years of competitive swimming (including NCAA Div 3 level) and working as a personal trainer & hiking guide. I have a BS in Exercise Science and have spent over 15 years learning about the body and different movement techniques. The techniques I’ve found to work the best are The Roll Model® Method and Yoga Tune Up®. Combining targeted self-myofascial release and corrective exercises makes a big difference in my current workouts by helping me perform better and recover faster.

You may have heard of Yoga Tune Up® from well known CrossFit coaches including:

We can work together to develop a workshop or series to help your body, your athletes and increase revenue.

Workshops include:

  • Roll Out the Body for Performance
  • Improve Your Squat: No More Butt Wink
  • Solidify your Foundation: Feet
  • Free the Shoulders
  • Undo the Tech Neck
  • and more…

It’s time to experience the difference.

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