Have you ever thought about working out like a President?

This was in my head as I was thinking about what to do for class today. Biden loves his Peleton. Trump golfed. Obama was known to play basketball. George W Bush cycled. Clinton ran. Many early Presidents rode horses, swam, walked, and hunted.

However, these don’t fit into a Bootcamp class.

Then I came across a workout by Tulsi Gabbard. It was exactly what I was looking for as inspiration. I took moves from her workout with some moves inspired from other Presidents.

I broke up the workout into two sets of moves. I set a timer for 17 minutes and we went through all the exercises with descending number of reps- 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, (2, 4).

My class Signature Fitness worked hard! Some alternatives were needed for some and all looked pretty tired by the end.

I thought I’d share the workout here with you for anyone who wanted to give it a try.

Before the workout, I suggest a warm up and I included a video that you can use. The videos for the Almost Presidential Workout just give you the idea of the movement if you aren’t sure. A few alternatives are presented.

If you want a PDF copy of the Workout to follow along with at home, fill out the form below.

Then enjoy a workout!

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