Can you believe that 2020 is almost ending?! Part of me feels like they year didn’t happen and part of my thinks that we’re in 2024.

I will say that entering 2021 feels like a wiping of the slate. Beginning the year with a new mindset from what we’ve learned in 2020. Let’s be honest, 2020 was turbulent. Whatever we had planned for 2020 went out the window. Unless hoarding toilet paper was on your goal list.

One thing that I really spent time with was on self-healing and it made me look at setting goals a bit differently.

I personally enjoyed some of the quiet reflective time. It may have just been the introvert doing an invisible happy dance. I spent time meditating and using tarot cards to tap into my intuition.

One thing that I realized was that when I aligned what I was doing with my soul’s purpose, I found more flow and ease. When I was disconnected, there was more struggle and frustration.

How many of our goals actually go against what that deep inner voice really wants? For that voice doesn’t care what we weigh, how much money we earn, or what we eat. It wants us to thrive, grow through the bumps in the roads, and live with love and happiness.

Yet, we sacrifice a bit of joy in celebrating a birthday by not eating the cake. We treat exercise like a punishment. Make an unsatisfying job a priority over something fulfilling.

It led me to pursue a certification on Soul Readings, which I hope to complete in January. (I had hoped earlier, but that struggle showed up half way through the course to keep me focused on other tasks first.)

As I set my goals for 2021, I’m keeping in mind my life purpose and what I really want to build for my life and career. Guidance is coming from healing sessions, my tarot cards, and astrology.

When I have my list, I plan on sitting down and checking in with my intuition to make sure it really feels aligned and right. I can still keep them as SMART goals and I can focus more on certain steps than end results- Write 10 minutes every day. versus Write a book. The intention behind them will be more of the focus.

Then they’ll most likely be turned into post-its for my wall. As that is how I’ve been organizing my goals. Seriously, having a complete visual representation and reminder of my goals and steps to accomplish them has me 100% more on track.

I challenge you to do the same. To prod a little more into the why behind your goals. Are they internally motivated by your intuition and desire or externally motivated from pressures set by others?

Kate Hamm combines her 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and high-end resort program development into sought after wellness adventures at AnamBliss. Visit for future retreat dates and locations.

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