It’s the time of year when we start to think about goals for the New Year. To be honest, it may be a bit too early. With the solstice on December 21st and the full moon coming on December 22nd, now is a more magical time to manifest our future.

Being in fitness, so many goals tend to revolve around how we look or detoxing the toxins away to start off fresh. These are goals that tap into our insecurities that lead us more to failure with their negative connotations.

The traditional goal setting is to create a SMART goal, one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Saying that you will lose 5 pounds by March 1st hits all of these points. Yet, so many people give up on their weight loss goals within a few weeks.

These goals come from shame and poor body image as we strive to reach a lofty idea of perfection. Is our need to change for our benefit or to fit in with what we believe how others think we should be?

From this place, what if we begin to change our goals to be more loving to ourselves?

Take a few minutes for the next few steps. Begin to center yourself with a few breaths. (May we suggest Alternate Nostril Breathing?) Think of a goal you accomplished and am proud of finishing. Relish in the feelings that arise. (Can’t think of something, what is one thing that you love about your self?) Think of your goals and write them down. (Ideally on paper.) What steps can you take to accomplish your goal? Be specific. Eat better and workout more are not specific. Write down your obstacles. If you’ve been working toward this goal for a while now, what has prevented you from achieving it? Visualize going through the complete process to hit your goal.

For example:

Goal: I want to lose 5lbs.

Process: Get a trainer. Go on a diet and cut out carbs. Walk at lunch. Get a standing desk. Make my own lunch and dinner.

Obstacles: I love pizza and bread. Finding time to cook is hard. Working out at night is tough for me with the kids.

Now relook at the process and pick one to make it the goal. Instead of: Lose 5 lbs. Your goal is: To workout with a trainer 2 times a week in the morning. Eat a salad for a meal daily.

Another option is to reframe it further “I will take care of my body by ___” “I nourish my body ___.”

How does your new goal feel to you? Does it seem more manageable? More realistic? More exciting? If you don’t want to follow through, go back and rework it.

Once, you have your goal set, pull out a new piece of paper and write down just the goal on it. Add any steps that you need to do to accomplish it down: Find a trainer. A daily appointment reminder on your phone to walk. Etc.

For the next few days, take out your paper and visualize the process, the assistance you received form others, and accomplishing your goal. You may even want to place your goal with a crystal, such as selenite, over it as a way to add more energy into it.

Create your own future and allow the love & magic to assist.


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