I want to share a bit of my story, about how even though 2020 was challenging for me, it actually began in 2019. I’m summarizing the story and sharing the healing that I found helpful to help get me through this tumultuous time. Maybe some of what I did will help you as well.

At the end of 2010, a family friend (FF) was welcomed into the house to stay for a while. FF and I had been very close friends that grew distant over the years as life took us in different directions. They were having health issues and had been struggling. The house was a needed safe space. However, this really set up an oil and vinegar situation. Logically, I knew the situation. Emotionally, I was really struggling, especially by February 2020.

Then Covid happened.

Like everyone, we were stuck together. I came to terms with the situation and sucked it up.

By May, I was barely holding it together. My main support system was unable to really hear and understand me. I felt like I was being gaslighted, by FF and those I loved.

For anyone who knows me, this is not normal for me. I’m pretty level-headed and can see the different sides of situations.

Fortunately, FF left in June to stay with someone else for a while. It was going to be a temporary trip, but turned permanent.

After 6-7 months of turmoil, I had A LOT of healing to do. I want to share how each person helped me.

The first step was to have someone rational outside of my life to talk to, so I looked for a therapist. I found Zencare and Psychology Today to both be great sources and I was able to interview excellent candidates. The therapist I chose was Mallory Kroll, who had a spiritual take and I knew I could safely talk to her about some of the metaphysical work I was doing with tarot cards and Akashic Records. Kroll was an excellent therapist, who helped me feel validated in my feelings, develop skills and add tools to help me handle situations as they came up, and really helped boost me up.

During this time, I went back to the sessions I had previously with Jessenia Nozzolillo about my soul’s origins and gifts. These made it even more clear why FF interrupted my life so much. I really love order and hate drama. FF brought a lot of drama into the house partly due to family and friends. The sessions also reminded me of past life damage to my heart chakra that can be partly why I felt so betrayed in the current situation. Ultimately, they also reminded me of my purpose here in this life and of the healing gifts that I have to give and share with others (including you!).

I mentioned my tarot cards, and the monthly challenges by Lionharts, moon spreads by Vix and Ethony, mostly with my Lighteer’s Tarot give me needed insight. Some of the quotes in the guidebook just really hit home as to how I was feeling and prompted me to dive deeper. Some other decks I use a lot are: Sacred Creator’s Oracle, Animal Spirit, and Archetypes.

I also turned to astrology and received different reports from Chani Nichols. My sun sign is Leo, but there were always elements that never made a lot of sense to me. I have no problem taking on leadership roles, but I also never fully was comfortable with being 100% in the limelight. Chani puts more emphasis on the rising sign, which is Cancer for me. Everything makes much more sense to me there. (I’ve since signed up for her app, which I think is worth it.)

I was feeling pretty good. Then, a setback happened in October, and I knew I needed even more healing and really for protection.

A dive into more of the esoteric was needed.

My friend, Marisa, is an awesome acupuncturist and hypnotherapist. She loves working with different healers and trying everything under the sun. (She wrote a book about it, that needs to be published so I can read it!) Every month, she organizes Friday Night Flights with different healers from different modalities. They seemed like a good place to start.

I booked some full length sessions with a few of those that Marisa raved about and signed up for Marisa’s Bedtime Hypnotherapy. She’s that incredible of a resource and is very giving of her time. You tell her about what is going on and she’ll pass you along to the right healer. All the below healers were ones that I got from her recommendation. (I definitely feel lucky to know her!)

Within a minute and without me saying anything, Cathy Cummings Coughlin hit the nail on the head. Her intuition was so tremendously powerful that I was crying for feeling seen. She gave me crystal suggestions to use and carry that have definitely helped. (I have no website for her.) I purchased crystals from my college friend Anastasia, who set up a session to make sure I knew how to clean them. Having Shungite in my room definitely shifted the energy.

Heather Maguire is an energy worker who picked up on some very interesting things and was super adaptable when I discovered 5 minutes before my session that it was supposed to be in person and not virtual as I thought. With energy work, I tend to be relaxed and in the moment, so I never feel like I can truly give the work justice. However, she brought a few things to my awareness that she picked up on and I didn’t know.

Jessica D’Angio is an Astrologer and reaffirmed some of what I learned from my previous work. She also gave me really good insight on how to better use my astrology and moon cycles to manifest what I want.

Goddess Oceana gave me a spell and energy techniques to work on. A daily before I go to bed cord cutting technique helps release the energy I picked up from others throughout my day. (Even virtual energy can be picked up!) They were small things, but pretty powerful long term.

I didn’t really know what to expect with my session with Boki Dee just that everyone was raving about her. Part way through I realized that she was using Human Design with reiki, crystals, and messages. Some of the things she picked up on, I wasn’t really aware of. The advice she gave me, which I haven’t fully integrated into my life yet, will help me tremendously

Together, these healers helped tap into my true power and strength. All of the advice I was given and things they brought to my awareness felt like I picked the right letters on the Wheel of Fortune. They were pieces of the puzzle I needed to know and I just need to keep turning the letters to reveal all of me.

At my core, I truly want every person in this world to thrive. We can’t do it alone. I know I can’t. As much as I believe in science, there is also something to working with spirits, guides, and intuition that is also very much needed.

Thank you for listening to my journey. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you. In about two weeks, I plan on announcing a new program. Shortly after that, telling you more about what I’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Kate Hamm combines her 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and high-end resort program development into sought after wellness coaching and adventures at AnamBliss. Visit www.anambliss.com for more information on coaching services and future retreat dates and locations.

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