Right now thousands of people are making and acting on New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and improve their health and wellness. Over the next few weeks, I expect to have more people in my classes for this reason. Some will stick with me, some won’t. All for a number of different reasons.

In the 15+ years that I’ve been in fitness, I have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off.

But now I could care less about helping you lose weight.

What I really care about is helping you change your habits and your thoughts about health and wellness, which can lead to you never needing to worry about your weight again.

I want to help you find strength, discover that you can do something you never thought you could, and have a healthy relationship with food. I no longer care about focusing on calories in food or burning for a workout, of food restricting, or being part of a system that has created an unrealistic body image as an ideal.

Over the years, I’ve listened as women hated on every single part of their body despite being a size 0, felt proud of themselves for taking less than the six almonds they were given as a snack, and denied themselves enjoyment to look a certain way.

I’ve watched parents enable and encourage eating disorders in their beautiful teen daughters.

I’ve had companies reach out to me to promote their supplements that had ingredients that had no benefit at all and even once had to sell expensive supplement programs as part of a job that did nothing.

I’ve advocated for lifestyle choices that encouraged disordered eating.

But we evolve.

And I know that I’m not alone in wanting to move away from the mainstream health and wellness loop that makes billions of dollars for corporations, while allowing us to feel that our failures are because of our own actions rather than the unattainable expectations the companies sell.

The current system is not working.

If it was, we’d be fit and strong and all drinking celery juice (or whatever other fad is happening). What we have are well meaning “experts” who are only recycling the same advice and insecurities.

My new goal is to disrupt the current health and wellness loop. To provide a variety of information and really help you discover what works for you. Because we all are individuals with different time commitments, obligations, and needs.

Health and wellness should not be added stress in your life.

Health and wellness should help make the rest of your life easier.

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Kate Hamm combines her 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and high-end resort program development into sought after wellness coaching and adventures at AnamBliss. Visit www.anambliss.com for more information on coaching services and future retreat dates and locations.

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