Recently there was a new student who was supposed to come to one of my classes. She didn’t show up. I looked at her profile to call her. As the phone was ringing, I noticed in the notes how enthusiastic she was to come in to try out the studio, especially yoga.

She received my message and was unexpectedly there at my next class. I was excited to meet her. Apparently her day got away from her and she forgot to come to class, but didn’t want to miss it again.

A few days later, she didn’t show up to class again. Another voice mail was left. Despite having been scheduled for other classes, she has not come back in.

In my limited interactions with this student, I got the impression, that while she wanted to do something to lose weight and improve her health, she wasn’t fully invested in committing to herself. I think she put herself and her goals last. So she was able to take the first step, but wasn’t able to follow through.

I hope in the future, that she can have what she wants. Now isn’t the time for her. She didn’t have a strong enough reason to buckle down and follow through.

For when we do, we show up.

Change can be hard. Putting in more effort to accomplish our goals doesn’t always come easy. What we need is something that is motivating and driving us. The question is what?

What do you want to accomplish?
Why do you want to follow through?
Who are you doing it for?

My grandfather and mother quit smoking when my cousin was born. I got into running to turn something that I hate into something that I enjoyed. My sister-in-law exercises to reduce her disease risks.

Knowing your why, adds to your level of commitment. It makes showing up easier. You feel as if you are letting yourself or others down if you don’t follow through.

Granted, there will be days, that won’t go your way. You may miss a workout, eat something that you didn’t want to, or whatever else it may be. But you can always get back on track. Something we tend to forget. In fact, when you know why, it becomes easier to refocus and recommit.

Do you want to stay where you are or accomplish your goal?

Want to fine-tune your why and action plan? Set up an appointment for our Health & Wellness Coaching.

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