Learn to live better in your body with classes that play with elements of yoga, corrective movement, and self-massage using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls. The intention is to improve body awareness, de-stress, and release muscles. Each class is themed to a direction of movement, a pose, or intention to help each person discover a balance between strength and flexibility.

Tuesdays at WellBeing Fitness in Groton

CLASS: Stretch & Strength (for Mature Movers)
WHEN: Tuesday 10:00am-11:00am
WHERE: WellBeing Fitness Yoga, 134 Main Street Groton, MA 01450 
COST: $20/drop in
DESCRIPTION: Who wants to accept aches, pains, and limited range of motion as a normal part of aging? The right training can keep your body supple and strong. This class incorporates different modalities including therapy balls for self-massage, exercises for muscle activation, and a variety of simple and complex movements to make sure you stay limber and strong. Let’s keep you active and able to do all the activities you want to do! Recommended for ages 60 and over. 

Wednesdays at WellBeing Fitness in Westford

CLASS: Power Flow Yoga (Live and Virtual)
WHEN: Wednesday 9:45am-10:45am
WHERE: WellBeing Fitness, 203 B Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886 
COST: $18/drop in
DESCRIPTION: Power Yoga is a vigorous, vinyasa-style yoga class. It provides a challenging, creative series of poses that strengthen and stretch the body and help to build your energy and confidence.

Saturdays at WellBeing Fitness in Westford

CLASS: Yoga Tune Up® Myofascial Release
WHEN: Saturday 10:30am-11:30am
WHERE: WellBeing Fitness, 203 B Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886
COST: $18/drop in
DESCRIPTION: Yoga Tune Up® combines yoga, myofascial self-care, and conscious corrective exercises to help you live better in your body. Each class incorporates self-massage with a variety of playful movements to help bring awareness to current blind spots to create changes that can reduce pain and improve performance. Become a student of your body and discover how Yoga Tune Up® can help you build a strong movement foundation for a deeper embodied experience that carries into your daily life for years to come.


  • Don’t eat anything heavy 2 hours before.
  • Tighter clothing is better for rolling, but make sure you can move.
  • If you tend to get cold, you may want a blanket or additional layers for savasana.

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