Do you want to feel better and live better in your body?


Group classes are awesome, but sometimes you have something specific that YOU need in order to reduce your pain, move better, and accomplish your specific goals. That is when private sessions can be a huge benefit. 

Kate can assist you with your goals if they are fitness, yoga, performance, or movement based. With her background in a variety of techniques, she’ll use the ones that are best for you. Expect The Roll Model® Method therapy balls to be utilized with exercises that work the whole body and just a small piece. 

Private sessions

Are great for everyone.

Whether you have never moved before or have Olympic medals in your display case, the level will be adjusted for you. 

Are focused on your goals, needs, and wants.

We work together to come up with a plan of action that can be adapted as we go along. 

Hold you accountable for your training.

You are making an investment and not doing the follow up work can lengthen the amount of time it takes to achieve your goal. 

Give you undivided attention.

You receive the benefit of all of my education and experience. 

How do private sessions work?

Each person will have a different path. Before we meet, we will set up a short phone conversation to see if we may be a good fit. During our first meeting, we will continue the conversation to go over specific goals, evaluate where you are currently, and begin to craft your route to your goals. Additional sessions will follow that path, with some deviation if anything else arises.

How many do I need?

Expect at least 2 sessions to start. This includes the first initial assessment and one follow up to begin to learn the movements. 

Where do we meet?

We can meet at one of the many locations I teach at, at your home, or even virtually. 

How often/long do we meet?

This is up to you. One or two times a week can be sufficient for our 60 minute sessions. Other lengths can be available based off your own needs. We can meet for just a few week or for a longer period of time. 

What is the investment?

Depending on where and how we meet, will depend on the price. 

Want to set up a phone consultation or have more questions about private sessions with Kate Hamm? 

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