Everybody can do yoga.

Every body is different.

Create your own asanas.

These principles are the root of the classes developed by Kate Hamm, which incorporate her 15+ years experience in the fitness world and training in diverse techniques. Each class is designed around a yoga pose or direction of movement to help you find nuances you didn’t expect and more control over your body.

  • Release tension and fascia with therapy balls.
  • Utilize a variety of props to build strength.
  • Gain active mobility over passive flexibility.
  • Leave feeling better, taller, and powerful.

Tuesdays 5:45pm-6:45pm

Be Studios

44 Portland St, 2nd Floor
Worcester, MA 01608

We strongly encourage you to register in advance to save a spot and to make sure that we have all the props needed.

Save Your Space

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* To purchase students packs, please send an email.


For access to the building, you will need to dial 006 at box to be buzzed in.

Parking is available after 5:00pm in the lot next door on Myrtle Street or on the street. Do not park in the lot across the street from the entrance, you will be towed.

Save Your Space