“Thank you for an amazing experience. You taught me to be grateful for the small things in addition to the big things.”

“You are always so happy and smiling and it brightens everyone around you.”

“Thank you for your energy, passion and commitment! I sincerely appreciated all of your guidance and education on living a healthy lifestyle.”

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“Kate, I just wanted to send some positive energy your way. You do soooo much to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you for everything that you so! You are really changing lives and have a lot to be proud of. Allowed me time to reflect and reboot, and opened me up to new experiences to give me a better, more full body/self awareness- and I sincerely thank you for changing my life for the better. I learn new things about myself- and more importantly the world around me- every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making all of this possible.”

“You are a very cheerful, positive energy.”

“I genuinely appreciated your hard work, kindness, support and marvel at your dedication and passion for what you do!”

“Kate’s yoga = awesome”

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