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Release and Activate is a series of 14 classes ranging between 10-57 minutes to help find body bliss. Each class includes a release using therapy balls followed by 1-3 movements to help activate and integrate muscles with movement for longer lasting results.

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Many of us accept aches and pains as if it is just part of aging and something we should live with for the rest of our lives. Outside of a direct injury affecting us…


I want to be able to do the things I love for as long as possible. This for me includes hiking, swimming, running, and exploring new places. As it is, I work with my own limitation in range of motion and I don’t want even more to restrict me.

My own practice includes therapy balls and movements designed to help keep my body in balance. Using these techniques has helped me a lot.

I went from being sore for days after running a half marathon to being pain free after running a full marathon. Fully addressing my body’s imbalances made the biggest impact. Yes, it added time to my training. The results were fully worth it for me.

This is why I created the Release & Activate Training. Most of us only focus on one aspect and not the full picture. The release using therapy balls helps to find trigger points (similar to a deep tissue massage), stimulate the nervous system, and improve body awareness. The activate using different movements to either target muscles directly or improve coordination between all muscles for a full range of motion. Combined they help to enhance our movement, which contributes to less pain, boosted performance, faster recovery, and more range of motion.

What Release & Activate Includes:

  • 14 classes
  • Targeting each area of the body
  • 1 full length 1 hour class on Breath Awareness
  • 2 25minute classes
  • 11 10-15minute classes
  • 2 bonus classes

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Breath Awareness

Breathing is one of the most important movements we do daily. Uncover where your ribs and torso may be stuck to enhance your ability to breathe efficiently helping the entire body feel better.

57 minutes


Our feet are the foundation of our body and tend to be overlooked. Massage out the kinks between all the bones and joints. Begin to develop toe dexterity for happier feet.

13 minutes


Proper ankle mobility can make a big difference in how we squat, walk, and run. Spend time releasing the Gastrocnemius and Soleus. Begin to explore dorsiflexion of the ankle.

14 minutes


When we spend all day sitting, the quads can be tight. Discover different ways to release them. Then activate the hamstrings to reduce the strain on the quads.

11 minutes


If I had a penny for how many people complain about tight hamstrings, I’d be well off. A tricky massage that can help the entire hip followed by active movements for lasting impact.

12 minutes

Inner Thigh/Adductors

More focus goes on the outer thighs, when addressing the inner thighs and adductors can improve how our hip feels. This can be a triggering area to massage for some, so be mindful.

14 minutes

Outer Thighs/Abductors

Love pigeon pose? Give this class a try. The active movements may help you more than a passive stretch.

12 minutes

Hip Circles (Bonus)

Building strength to move throughout the entire range of motion of a joint can help so much. In this video, we take hip circles and work on them in 3 different ways to really make changes.

25 minutes

Spinal Health

The spine and back pain can be problematic for many of us. This class is an introduction, as there are many factors at play. Roll along the spine and begin to find stability.

26 minutes

Spinal Rotation

Twisting is one of the moves that we forget about for the spine. Use the therapy balls to help manipulate the vertebrae followed by some more passive movement to maintain changes.

28 minutes


You know that place you massage at the shoulders at your desk? This video will hit that spot and help to not need that move as much. Unfortunately, we can’t reduce the stress of your life too.

11 minutes


If you feel like a Cave(wo)man with shoulders rounded forwarded, this video is for you. It is one of the trickier releases here with the biggest gains. 

12.5 minutes


Everyone wants a neck, shoulder, and back massage when massaging the pecs can actually help release even more tension. Don’t overlook the necessity of this class.

11 minutes


Every inch our head is held forward, adds about 10lbs of pull on the cervical spine. Let’s change that. Note, this can also increase the relaxation response in the body for an extra win!

12 minutes

Jaw (Bonus)

Grind your teeth? Talk a lot? You may need to release the muscles of the jaw. This is the only video without an activation after.

5 minutes


With typing and texting, the forearms need more love. Let’s give it to them. This class can also help with wrist problems and range of motion. Planks, Down Dogs, Push Ups, etc. may be easier.

13 minutes


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