I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that most of my classes are women. We tend to take more fitness and yoga classes than men. I’m also located in Massachusetts, known for being pretty liberal. So there has been a lot of talk about Judge Brett Kavanaugh before classes.

I am happy that I can provide a safe space for my students, where they can feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics. It may help that as a walking liberal stereotype (yoga teacher, vegan, Prius owner, NPR listener, and Birkenstock wearer) that they can safely assume to know how I feel.

It helps that the majority of yoga is not about bending into different poses, but philosophies for living. The yamas encourage us to look beyond ourselves and consider that what we do affects others, to think of who we are in the entire world.

What I’ve learned is that women need to speak. I don’t just mean that in a let’s overthrow the patriarchy way, but as a literal physical need to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences to others.

What the #metoo movement has done is begin to make these personal conversations okay to occur. The #believesurvivors extension is adding to the fray, creating a larger fracture in the societal fabric.

The tension has been building and it needs to come out, like a boiling pot that is ready to overflow.

I’ve long needed to talk about situations that I was in to friends and co-workers to see if I was seeing things clearly. Being given alternate views helped to validate myself.

As women, we’ve long been taught to question our point of view; we’re emotional and not able to think clearly. Therefore, should stay quiet. And it becomes part of our truth and the emotional weight that we bear. But now that very belief system is being shattered.

By talking to each other, we become validated. We realize that we aren’t alone. We create a bigger and bigger circle to speak. We become louder as groups become bigger. Change becomes necessary, because the status quo isn’t enough.

We all deserve more from society. Until that happens, I will continue to create a safe space. If you come to my class, I will be there.

Kate Hamm combines her 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and high-end resort program development into sought after wellness coaching and adventures at AnamBliss. Visit www.anambliss.com for more information on coaching services and future retreat dates and locations.

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