When you travel to Mexico, do you drink the local water? No, right? The water has bacteria and other microbes that our bodies can’t tolerate. You don’t want to ruin your vacation getting sick, so you stick to bottled water. 
That logic is why I think the latest trend, drinking raw water, is insane. In the US our tap water is regulated to make sure that it is lacking in high amounts of harmful chemicals and has the unwanted micro-organisms removed. Granted, some areas, like Flint, MI have had their local government ruin their water. But for a significant amount of the population, we are fine with the water we have. 
Yet, a few industrious companies have decided to sell the idea of drinking raw water for insanely high prices. Water that is taken directly from a location, bottled, and sold. The reasoning being that our tap water has medicine that we shouldn’t have, fluoride, chlorine, and other undesired chemicals. 
Now mother nature does ways to naturally clean out water with stones, sand, and marshes. But that does not mean that it is safe for human consumption. (I actually learned a lot about how towns can use local marshes to clean their sewage for a project in high school. It really is fascinating.) 
If you are at all concerned about the water that you are drinking, I strongly suggest getting a water filtration system on your house. It’ll be cheaper and give you all the water you could possible want. 
A confession: When I was in Chile, I did drink water that I collected from a stream without treatment. There were very few animals around and I could see the snow mass that was melting to create the stream. Fortunately, I did not get sick. If you want to see it, check out the AnamBliss Instagram page. 

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